20.09.2012: 80.7 kg
21.09.2012: 81.1 kg
22.09.2012: 80.4 kg
23.09.2012: 79.6 kg
24.09.2012: 79.3 kg
25.09.2012: 79.0 kg
26.09.2012: 79.6 kg (may be retaining water and there swelling in my thighs because of body pump!)
27.09.2012: 79.6 kg  (1.1 kg loss for the week!! horray though I know its mostly water weight!)
28.09.2012: 79.8 kg (what the hell??? I'm being pretty good!!!)
01.10.2012: 79.5 kg (my new stable weight? or is it PMS? we shall see..)
02.10.2012: 79.5 kg (oh well!)
03.10.2012: 79.3kg (progress? I'll take it)
06.10.2012: 80.1 (what the hell?despite good eating)
08.10.2012: 79.3 kg (ok!)
09.10.2012: 78.8 kg ( new territory!)
10.10.2012: 79.5 kg
11.10.2012:79.5 kg (just look at my impressive work out i have been doing this month. And not even a pound down? Ugh!!!!I have stayed within calorie limit as well, except for ONE day!! I am beginning to get a bit annoyed!)
12.10.2012: 78.8 kg (fasted yesterday!)
15.10.2012: 78.8 kg
16.10.2012: 78.9kg (just hope, that I will weigh the same post BIL's wedding)
22.10.2012: 79 kg
25.10.2012: 79.8kg
26.10.2012: 79.8kg ( with the water retention after body pump! Do I have hope?)
27.10.2012: 79.6 kg
29.10.2012: 78.8 kg (with PMS)
31.10.2012: 79.5 kg (exactly where I was a month ago :(
05.11.2012: 79.2 kg ( day 3 trying SBD- Phase 1)
07.11.2012: 79.5 kg
10.11.2012: 78.4kg
20.11.2012: 78kg ( medicated warm water)
22.11.2012: 77.8kg (continuing with warm water as many as possible in a day)
23.11.2012:77.4kg ( I am not doing anything different. Just eating lots more rice, belching like a gas plant and drinking hot water. I think my body decided to cave in, after having stayed at 79 for a very long time.I weighed myself at 7.30 and measure 78.9 and then at 9a.m. I weighed 77.4. I do not know how!!! )
24.11.2012: 77.6kg
27.11.2012: 78.3 kg
28.11.2012:79 kg
29.11.2012: 78.5kg (PMS water weight?)
06.12.2012: 78 kg ( i wonder how my body's weight fluctuates by 1.2 kgs in two days, and decent eating!)
07.12.2012:77.7 kg
11.12.2012:78.5kg (huh????after consistent exercise and keeping cals at 1500? life is not fair AT ALL!)
13.12.2012:79 kg (and I'm rocking the work outs and calories- I feel like I weigh 76!)
17.12.2012: 78kg
18.12.2012: 77.7kg (just hope I can get under the 76 soon :)
19.12.2012: 77.9 kg
22.12.2012: 77.8kg
03.01.2012:78.5 kg
07.01.2012:76.1 kg
10.01.2013: 77.5 kg
14.02.2013:76.8 kg
18.02.2013 : 77.4 kg (with all cothes on)
19.02.2013:77.5 kg
28.02.2013: 77.2kg (and I am working pretty hard)
02.03.2013: 77.2 kg
19.03.2013: 77.8 kg
07.03.2013:78.2 kg
14.03.2013 :77.2 kg (am I maintaining?)
02.04.2013: 77.1kg
08.04.2013:77.3 kg
01.07.2013 :75kg
29.10.2013: 74.5 kg
11.11.2013:74 kg


  1. hey wow you are finally broken 78kgs!!

    1. yes!!! I have.. infact have been eating on the higher side of calories because gas issues are back to plague me!!!looks like my body awoke from a deep slumber suddenly!

  2. What is the medicated warm water?

    1. haha! that was more for my refrence, you know just in case. But the husband had come down with a terrible cold and cough and fever. An old aunt of his was living with us and she made some herbal potion out of dried ginger and some other items for which I only know the tamil names to treat him!She egged me on to drink itmyself because I was walking around the house belching like the cousin of a gas plant! My weight incidentally began moving downwards even though I have been eating only rice.

    2. Oh ok! :) That looked like a magic potion to me :P


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