Work Out Schedule

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
17/06 - 23/06 30 min crossStretch & strengthen5 k runcross 5k run + strength Rest6.5k run
24/06-30/06 30 min cross Stretch & strengthen5 k run Rest 5k run + strength Cross
6.5k run
7k run
01/07-07/07 Stretch & strengthen  cross
 rest  40 mins cross(gym cardio) bike 10k(gym cardio)5k walk 10k run
08/07-14/07 Rest Stretch & strengthen 5.5 k run cross 5.5k run
4k walk
40 mins cross 8k run
15/07-21/07 Rest
Stretch & strengthen
6.5k run cross-barre workout+ deep stretch yoga 6.5k   run+ strength 40 min cross 10k run
22/07-28/07 Rest JM-NMTZ Stretch & strengthen (barre workout) 6.5k run
cross+ strength (JM-BFBM) 6.5k run Cross/ Rest 5-K Race 10k run
29/07-04/08 Rest Stretch & strengthen  7.2 k run JM - 30ds 2 7.2k run  JM -NMTZ 11.2 k run
05/08-11/08 JM-YMD 1  JM- NMTZ
 7.2k run
JM-BFBM 7.2k run JM- 30DS2 13 k run
10.6k run + 2k walk
12/08-18/08  Rest JM- NMTZ   8K run  Barre treadmill run 5k
JM -YMD1 10K run 
19/08-25/08 Rest Gym  class
8k run
Gym cardio 8k run JM-NMTZ 12.5 k run
26/08-01/09 JM-YMD 6k  run  8k run 60 minute cross Rest 60 min cross 16k  run
02/09-08/09 10k run Rest
3 m run or cross JM-NMTZ
Rest Rest 17.5k run
09/09- 15/09 Stretch & strengthen rest Cross Rest Rest Stretch & strengthen half marathon

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1/3- 3/3 1k walk5k slow walk10k run
4/3 -10/3  restbody pumpbody pump+ 1k walk30 mins ARC trainer+ 0.8k run+3k evening walk6k pace+ stretches30DS + pilates
11/3 -17/3 body combat + 1k walkbody pump + 1k walk30 DS + 1k walk +20 minute yoga body pump + 1k walk deep stretch 7k run
3ds - level 2
18/3 - 24/3body combat 25mins arc+ 1k treadmill run +30ds lvl2body pump + 5k run +1k walk+ 30DS lvl2  5k run
1k walk + 30DS2
body pump + 1k walk
yoga video +30DS2
deep stretch7k run
30DS2+ pilates
 long run
25/3 -31/3body combat + 1k walk
body pump + 1k walk
banish fat
   5k run
1k walk+30ds+
lower body
body pump +  1k walk+30DSdeep stretch7k run
30 min run
 long run
30 min run

1/1- 6/1 5k pace   run (38:35) 30 mins ARC trainer + 10 mins recumbent bike +1km walk5k run gym cardio 
5k pace run (37: 22)
1k-body pump-1k5k run
40 mins arc trainer
1k-body pump-1k power yoga5k pace7k
14/1-20/1rest1k-body pump-1k5k run1k-body pump-1kpower yoga6k run3k walk +free body weight exercises at the park
21/1-27/12k treadmill run + 15 mins on ARC
25 minutes on elliptical + 1k treadmill run
5k run1k-body pump-1kpower
5k pace8k
28/1-31/1rest1k-body pump-1k5k run 1k-body pump-1k power yoga5k pacelong run
1/12- 2/12SickSick
3/12-  9/12rest1k-body pump-1k5k run (only managed a 2.5km walk)1k-body pump-1k  power yoga
5.5k run (family day at Scientists office)
5k pacelong run
5k pace run
10/12  -16/12rest
5k walk-run
1k-body pump-1k5k run
40 minutes -elliptical
1k-body pump-1kpower yoga5k pacelong run
17/12 - 23/10rest 
1k-body pump-1k
5k run
6k run + 1k walk
1k-body pump-1kpower
5k pacelong run

1/11- 4/11long run + dance classpower yogalong runDance
5/11- 11/118k run30 mins on RFX45 mins on ARC ellipticalrestpower yogawalkBangalore ultra 12.5k run
12/11  -18/11slow walk at mall1k-body pump-1kRest45 mins gym cardiopower yoga41 minute 5k run + 20 mins cycle hill workDance
19/11 - 25/118k run 
1k-body pump-1k
5k run body pump  power yoga5k pacing runRFL long run
26/11-30/117k run1k-body pump-1k20 minute walkbody pump +20 minute walkgym cardio

week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1/10- 7/10 7k rungym cardio  45 mins5k run body pump + dance class power yoga long runDance
8/10- 14/10 40 mins gym cardio body pump 5k run body pump + dance class power yoga long run Dance
15/10 -21/10 7k run 1k-body pump-1k 5k run body pump + dance class rest long run Dance
22/10 - 28/10 7k run   4k-walk-run 8k run + 3k walk body pump + dance class yoga 5k run Dance
29/10-31/10 7k runyoga 5k run on treadmill

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
3/9 -     9/9 5k run 3 k walk new launch at gym Sh'bam Rest 6k run in 52 mins
10/9- 16/9 1k-body pump-1k gym cardio 7k run 1k-body pump-1k gym cardio KTM- 10k Rest
17/9- 23/9 30 mins gym cardio + stretches ( I was wrong abt the class) but just what my achy legs needed run gym cardio/rest 1k-body pump-1k spinning class 5k run 5k run/Rest
24/9- 30/9 gym cardio/rest 1k-body pump-1k 5k run-walk (just could not get myself to run the entire distance!)    1k-body pump-1k yoga yoga Dance/Rest    


  1. hey sugar..first of all congrats!
    Right now im exactly where u were..arnd d 100 mark..i see that running was ur staple thought..but when started at 100 weren't u afraid of straining ur knees..right now i do workouts like insanity n turbofire..30 mins classes with 2-3 minute long breaks so my strength is not top u think running is a good idea for me?

    1. Dear Upasna.. thankyou!!! but no wayyyy!!! please read thru my early archives. I had sustained dual fractures (both my feet) at the end of pregnancy following a fall. I could not even walk properly when I started losing weight for the final time in my life. Instead I used the elliptical and really watched my food intake. Slowly I outgrew the elliptical and joined a gym. I took lots of group classes at the gym and then only in 2012 I started serious running!


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