Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The wet wipes conversation

A recent conversation with the Scientist:

Me: Oh! The Huggies wet wipes are getting over. You've bought refill packs right?
Scientist: Yes. Eight of them.
Me: Hmm. Roughly how many does one packet contain?
Scientist : 200... (usually, he is always equipped with minute details, like the number of teeth in his comb...err, no, joking.)
Me: So thats 1600 wet wipes. I use about 2 wipes per poop (on Chittu, that is, in case 'I' was misunderstood). So Roughly 800 poops? That means we are covered for the next year atleast (Conclusion arrived at after long complex mathematical calculations involving number of poops in a day, number of days in a month and number of months in a year)
Scientist: We are?
Me: Yep. Sigh.

Post baby-birth, nothing has remained the same. Nothing!

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  1. well, we all use wipes when we are new mothers....:), once it becomes humdrum, it just becomes plain water:)


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