Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of perfect mornings

Now, this is how I like my days to be. I call my morning perfect, if I can fit in all of the following:

Wake up before the Sun
Light the customary lamps for the Marghazhi month
Enjoy Morning Tea with the Scientist
Cuddle with the toddler
Cook Breakfast and Lunch & pack for the Scientist, and everything I cook turns out alright
Turn the washing machine on
Have a healthy breakfast myself
& Get to work, with the meals for the day planned in my head

I love when I’m well stocked and well planned. It really eases out lots of things. And I have just come to realize it.

And did you see that ubiquitous word “exercise”? I have said this more than once, and I shall say again that I feel much better on days that I exercise than on days that I don’t. The guilt of not exercising steals my peace, while the endorphins give me my pep-up for the day. Not to mention the alone time I get, free from hubby and baby and work deadlines, to think. That’s when I do all my planning and organizing in my head. So much joy, in these simple things.

How about you, dear reader? What simple things give you joy? Leave a line, please, will you? I'd love to know.


  1. I love my morning tea. Tea is the first thing I look forward to in morning, so its a small cup of tea that brings me great joy.

    When I exercise I feel that I am in control of my body and not vice versa, its a great feeling and hence I always try to avoid not exercising.

    I wish you lots and lots of such happy perfect mornings.



  2. Thanks for the wishes Shiva.

    The morning defines the rest of the

  3. A piping hot samosa gives me infinite joy. Oh wait, I meant salad.

  4. Ah the joy of good food... It's unbeatable is it not?

  5. I have always believed in finding happiness in small things,yesterday it was over a cup of tea with football mates while the min temp of my city read 0.1 degrees.

  6. Yes, Abhinav, the simple man that you are...
    0.1 degrees!! Shiver!!!!


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