Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Round up

The last three days went by so fast. I typed a half hearted post with half closed eyes last night. But my laptop ran out of charge before I could tag it and hit the publish button. So I shoved the laptop underneath the bed and curled up next to the Scientist, and woke up in time for gym this morning.

So yes. Thanks for all the warm messages of congratulation really kind people left me in the last post. I have begun this month under the 80 mark. Phew!!! Finally.

Quick round up for February:

My goals were:

1.    To do phase 1 SBD for 2 weeks with a maximum of two servings of fruit.
I did well there, with minor slip ups.

2.    To reach 78 kilos and closer to my goal weight which I’m supposed to reach by my birthday in August.
Umm. What do we say? I did my best. But the scale did not co-operate?

3.    Structured work outs.
Yes. Good there too. I have added strength training twice/ thrice a week. Heavy duty cardio work outs stopped working for me.

4.    Recipe with picture every week.
Uhh! I got one. So I am trying!!!

5.    Continue food & weight journal.
             Yep pass on that. Have done it except during our whirl wind weekend at Wayanad!

When I started blogging about my weight loss, my intention was to create accountability for myself and hopefully inspire the random wanderer on the internet looking for company in the weight loss journey. There are some awesome people (see my side bar) who through their blogs have opened my eyes to the kind of problems especially related to self image people who are/ have been overweight face. Reading those blogs gives my daily dose of inspiration, to get to the gym, watch my food, say no to the sweets at the buffet, telling the Scientist to not bring home sugary/fried food and so many other things that are a part of the change that I have become.

So, when I see this post it really makes me happy that someone else is also finding inspiration from the time I spend noisily typing disjoint stories in my weight loss journey. I hope I stay strong and focused and make it to my goal weight. I also hope that I continue to be able to do update the blog regularly and continue even through maintenance.

What inspires you dear reader, to do the seemingly difficult? I’d love to know.


  1. Dear Sugar,

    Fabulous feb round up and congrats on finally ditching the 80 mark. With your dedication and hard work I am sure you will soon reach your goal weight.



    1. thanks Shiva.. you are a source of great inspiration as well :)


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