Thursday, September 6, 2012

Part 1 of week 3 - Niagra!

Ok I think if I begin to write about the rest of my US trip, I might just write a book. When the Scientist asked me to choose a place of my choice that I certainly wanted to visit, I said Niagra without thinking. It was my birthday month, and my wish was answered. Since I don't know to write without being verbose, and there are really no appropriate words to describe the splendour of the Niagra,  I will let some pictures do the talking.

The upper rapids at Niagra... this is not even the tip of the ice berg

Clicked on the boat ride to view the falls - "Maid of the mist"

Oh my God!!! The best moments of my lige.. don't miss the rainbow :)

Standing under the fall. Humbling. Meditative. Awesome.


Yes. I Know you are thinking something. Please say it! Every word keeps me going!