Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ugh! I am tired to the bone, though I cannot see any other reason except for lack of sleep and am back to feeling like a bloated hot air balloon. The gas troubles seem to have become a permanent feature of my life! During the last week I had about 10 people living in my small apartment. Add to that overflowing availability of ghee laden laddoos, murukkus and other such condiments for the special Deepawali. I must confess that I did eat a small bit of the sweets. But everything was within reasonable limits of control. The only problem was that I ended up skipping eating during my usual snack time and am feeling like I might just burst right now.
After the awesome 12.5k run on Sunday, I did not get much by way of exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday evening was spent walking a lot in the mall. I returned to routine this morning with a 45 cardio session at the gym.
The temps had dipped this morning and my body was craving exercise warmth!In fact as I ran on the treadmill, I felt as if a small part part of me was just waking up and whispering a thankyou! I can only think of a warm bed into which I can cuddle up now and shall I dare say that I have another running event up in the corner - the Wipro Chennai Marathon is on 2nd December and I have signed up for the 10k. No tickets are booked. So I am not sure what exactly we might do. But whatever, I am still hoping to be able to do it.
The purpose was just to keep the holiday weight gain on tab, and hopefully there will be some use to all this running. I have not exactly weighed myself in thelast two days since I feel like a stone is distended from my abdomen.  But I did see a weight as low as 78.4 kg a couple of days ago!

I need to figure out the mechanics of my digestive system and get some relief soon. Hopefully I will back on the mend soon and can actively restart weight loss again. How was your Diwali, guys? Did you drown in the sugar syrup?

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