Monday, November 19, 2012

Wierd Weekend Post

I was feeling low, fat and sick when the weekend began. Nonetheless, I lugged myself for the power yoga class on Friday night. The winter in Bangalore has shown sub 15degree temperatures. And the dark and cold is just not a very cheery combination. While I did lay out running clothes for a Saturday morning run, I woke up after an uneasy night having the todlder waking up far too many times and an unwell Scientist. I was too late for an outdoor run, and so I laced up and made it to the gym instead. I worked on my running speed and attempted a sub 40 minute 5k. I clocked a 5k in 41 minutes on the treadmill, with no elevation. But I shaved nearly 9 minutes off my first ever treadmill 5k earlier this year. And then I did a random hill workout on the recumbent cycle for 20 minutes. Solid 60 minute sweaty cardio.
I spent the rest of Saturday flitting between the hall and bedrooms of my home, feeling pointless and directionless. I must have mentioned that to the Scientist atleats one million times, that day - that I feel so lost in my career, in life and weight wise too. I overslept on Saturday afternoon and just went deeper into the awful mood I was in. The many rava laddoos did not help either. 
Sunday means dance class day. I have missed class for more than a month now, and am nowhere near motivated  to continue with it. That is really sad after having been super excited about restarting dance. The main reason is that I ended up dancing amidst little kids, who might have been pretty good at dance, but I was just not able to find my connect there. I think that might mean the end of dance for me, for now. What I am expecting is a teacher who will be able to focus just on me for an hour or two every week. I dunno if I'm asking for too much, but dancing amidst kiddos after 12 years of hard core bharatanatyam, just sort of upsets me.
So after much thinking the Scientist and I agreed that the class may not be the best for me, right now. I will reassess later, when I can think more clearly. We spent more directionless-pointless time on sunday watching a random tamil movie. By the evening I had about had it, and we decided to go temple visiting. I felt wayyyy better afterwards, and both Chittu and the Scientist slept fitfully. I was up before the alarm went off at 5.30 this morning and headed out into the chilly winter morning for an 8k run at Lalbagh. The run was just what I needed to get me back into the grove and I am so glad that I was able to find my running mojo!
My next stop will be the Wipro Chennai Marathon -10k on December 2nd 2012 where I will see if can run in the humid Madras weather. Initially I was thinking that this will prepare me for the Auroville half marathon which is slated for Feb 10th 2013. But now, I'm wondering if I am attempting too much, too soon. Anyway, I am not sure sure of the Chennai 10k route, but am hoping I will get to run along the beach to make a dream come true :)



  1. glad you are feeling better. Aren't you doing the Bangalore midnight marathon, they have a 10k.

  2. haha :) honestly i dont know.. i might do it if I had company. But the Scientist thinks I'm going to burn out if I run like this :)also the midnight marathon is on tar road! and my knees hurt when I run on tar!
    also I was pretty kicked about running in chennai by the sea and all :P lets see.. anyway registration are open till 3 hrs before the race :)want to do it? come to banaglore! i'll run with you!

    1. i was planning to come to b'lore for the midnight run coz hubs will be there on work at that time. But I need to be in Mumbai for my daughters school admission on the 15th morning.:(.
      However I will be in b'lore in December for sure, maybe we can just catch up then.

    2. sooper sounds awesome! mail me and figure the rest out!!!


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