Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting back to exercise!

Body pump after a month, almost! My hands and legs feel all wobbly! I know the pain will hit hard tomorrow. I will pop a painkiller/ paracetamol if its bad and get a cardio work out in. Man! it felt good to go back to the gym!
I had stopped pump after hurting my wrist badly. The I tried a week of working out in the evening. Then I began to feel so tired and finally forgot all about the gym after the Dilli trip! I have spent the last 3-4 days battling severe bronchitis and wheezing. The husband pointed out that I did fine all winter even when I was running outside in the cold. Not being regular with gymming brought me back to wheezing. Working out does wonders to me. My body is addicted to exercise and rebels when I don't. I heard many thankyous, this morning from my body in the form of endorphins!
Yes I am still sheezing. But I am so glad I exercised!I know I already said that.
I have a 10k coming up on March 3. That's less than 3 weeks. I might part walk- part run it. But hopefully, I will do it.
That's all I have in me for now. No great movement on the scale.


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