Monday, March 18, 2013

My whirlwind weekend in pictures :)

This weekend began on Friday night, with us rushing to the bank for some paperwork for the loan. I missed my Yoga class at the gym, but was ready to drop dead by the time we got home and had dinner.

Even though I had intended to wake up early for a run, I overslept and decided against running because I have been having extreme pain in the muscle connecting my right hip with the knee. I have not able to stand on my feet for too long and I even woke up mid nap yesterday because the pain was a bit on the severe side!

Anyway, not working out was not really an option for me and I did the Jillian Micheal 30 DS (Level 2) I had found the level 1 fairly simple, and decided that level 2 is more for my level of fitness. The many plank movements are truly challenging and it was certainly a 20 minutes well used:

More bank work followed on Saturday morning and I only had time to put this together as a snacky breakfast with yogurt on the side:

thats bananas & pomogranate topped with pecan halves :) yummy goodness!

Lunch for the family was amaranth greens in dal, Lady finger subzi & rasam. I replaced the rce with roties.  I did not grab a picture because we were to rush out on some work and I burnt my finger while making my rotis :(

After the super important meeting it was time for grocery shopping and I made some important discoveries regarding reading labels, which I will share with you later this week.

Back home we had just enough steam to make dinner, play with the toddler in the park and hit the sack. This was the Husband's second helping of whole wheat fusilli in a tomato-cheese base with olives, carrots and bay corn. The toddler loved it too specially the baby corn:) I totally pat myself on the back when I make stuff the toddler eats too

Sunday morning I was up and out for my early morning run. I only managed 6k thanks to the hurting right leg, which I oil massaged later at night :

Back home it was time for some experimentation in the kitchen. Breakfast was Banana Cinnamon Ragi Pancakes (they were more crepes than pan cakes) but the recipe was a hit and all of us loved it (recipe coming soon):

No can be more cheerful than on a full tummy and kids are true testament to that. So after a hearty brekfast , it was lego time:

Lunch time - decided I'd eat rice because I wanted to - a simple menu of tomato rice and a raita made with grated carrots, cucumber and pomogranate. Sorry, it was so yummy, we ate it before I remembered to click :(

We had fun in the park in the evening and got home after juice at Booster Juice. The kiwi lassi and carrot juice was so good, we wondered why we did not go there more often!

We hit the bed but not before I laid out work and workout clothes for Monday Morning.

Have a great week ahead, folks!


  1. I love your nose ring Sugar! I want one too-:)

    1. :) thanks Sheetal and i've been wanting to migrate to a miniscule diamond stud :)

  2. Weekend well spent. Also waiting for the pancakes recipe

  3. Colorful pics ... Rudu has grown up a lot. Jillians DS level 2 already wow that shows how fit you are :-)

    1. yes he has... sometimes I just dot want to admit that he will be 3 in a couple of months... i still think he is that month old baby...
      Yes Gowri - both running and body pump have made me fit like never before :)


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