Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Hagen Daaz trip

Last Friday evening, the toddler slept early. The husband was home and I had resisted suggesting we could go out for dinner. Food is still my go to way of celebrating! But I am working pretty hard on delinking food and happiness.
So after we had a simple homecooked dinner of idli sambar we were contemplating what we were to do with the time available.
Me: Shall we go out for a walk?
Scientist: Yes, we'll walk to Hagen Daaz and back.
Me: But I don't want ice cream ok. I won't eat any. You can, if you like.
Scientist: But this has been on our to do list of things for long. This is the perfect time.
Me: Ok lets go.
So as planned we walked the 3.5 kms to the newly opened Hagen daaz (ice -cream/ dessert outlet). Mapmywalk showed that I had burnt a measly 155 calories in the 40 minutes it took us to get there, and I thought we walked pretty fast. The husband ordered a belgian hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and ice cream. I took a look at the fancy menu and decided nothing really excited me.

The hot chocolate with whipped cream - the whipped cream is almost over in this pic :)  and I admit I had a few sips, ok? But I though the 155 calories covered it :P
The Scientist was pretty irritated by the fact that I refused to order anything. Single scoop of ice cream, he asked? No. I resisted. I told him I worked way too hard to lose weight and did not want to spoil it by eating an ice cream which I was not even tempted by. I was just. not.tempted. Period.
And that's a new me, let me tell you. I think the old me would not even think of not ordering. I mean how can you go to an ice cream store and not have ice cream? Nowadays when I look at a food, I wonder how many calories it has and if I have the nutritional information, I almost immediately calculate how hard / long it would be for me to work it off. Honestly, I dont even want to eat the food, and i mean something like a huge serving of dessert when I don't have the calorie stats.
Before anyone thinks I have achieved the likes of a dietary perfection I must admit to have eaten donuts for lunch, constantly sweeten my curd with a bit of sugar and  indulge in my 80 calorie serving of ghirardelli dark chocolate squares on weekends. Even yesterday someone distributed laddoos in office. They had left one on my table while I was in a metting. My intitial thought was to not eat it. But somehow it did find a way inside my tummy!
But I think I have steered clear of eating a whole packet of cream biscuits, large desserts and incessantly eating the chocolates that are lying in my pantry/ cupboard until my supply runs out. I used to do it, you know? Small progress, but progress nonetheless.

While the Scientist understood my thoughts that day even though he started out pretty bugged, I think he also came face to face with the new me. Infact I did too:


  1. Wow! I have a long way till I get where you are! And BTW as always you're looking Fab!

    1. thankyou!!! Sometimes I feel like a show off when I put my pics here... but those compliuments make me feel so good!!

      Btw I took my whole lifetime to get there!

  2. Wow thats really good. It would take ages and ages for me to overcome this kind of temptations.

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  4. You look Fabulous Sugar! shud be really proud of the long way u hav traveled!

    1. thanks BMBA! but I still have a long long way to go!

  5. You surely look great and fresh!
    I can't imagine that look on my face if I am in an ice-cream parlor and not eating ice-cream ;)
    But, superb.. proud of your progress!

  6. Wow Great Sugar!!! U luk great btw! :-)

  7. Wow, not eating ice cream is an achievement. I can resist any other sweet but not ice-cream.

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