Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekends are for rest and other updates :)

The weekend was much needed. Oflate I have been feeling extremely tired and simply out of steam. Different parts of my body are hurting - specially my hip bones. And I'm not even 30. I used this weekend to catch divine afternoon naps and not really accomplish much other than spend time with the toddler.
My readers will know that I have a help- namely Maami who lives with us. Her main role is to take of Chittu like feed and bathe him in the mornings, pick him up from school,feed him lunch and basically take of him until I get home in the evenings. She also helps me with chopping vegetables, cleaning up after meal times and acts as a top up for the maid who comes to sweep the house and wash the vessles.
Oflate, I have been finding myself at my temper's end with Maami - more because she has literally made herself one of family. She does not respect our privacy or our need to spend time with Chittu. Also the toddler is very fond of her and does demand her attention even when I send her into the kitchen to do something like prepare Chappati dough. He even speaks more like her than us and his Tamil and English accents  are downright annoying at times. I have begun to actually question why I work and am seriously contemplating sitting at home and mean the whole world to my child - literally!
For some reason, post run, my weight shot up by 2kgs and I have been hovering around that. I must tell you that when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had tears in my eyes.
That apart - I started Saturday with a treadmill 6k after I fixed breakfast for the family:

I indulged in some unhurried stretches and headed back home for lunch - Rasam, Keerai-kootu & brinjal curry. The toddler and I hit the bed for an afternoon nap and we headed out to dinner. I barely ate beyond a cople of bites of paneer subji . But I also had a sweet lassi and split an orange flavoured ice cream with the husband and toddler. But I fit into a top that I bought last year. Yayy for disappearing poochie :)
Sunday, I was supposed to run outside but overslept. I instead did the Jillian Micheals - 30DS and the pilates video that PK linked to. I found certain movements pretty hard in the pilates thing, but did my simplified variations.
I made breakfast and then it was lunch time. I made a nice vegetable korma to go with Chappatis. Not exactly low calorie, but definitely healthy:


Again the toddler and I bonked off for nap time and the husband joined in too.
On waking the toddler and I took a walk to the park and also went to check out the swimming pool close by inspired by you know who.
I came back and made a batch of home made granola using this versatile recipe. This batch contains - toasted almonds, pecans, craisins and deeseded dates along with flax seeds and black sesame seeds. I also threw in a handful of ragi flakes, only to suit my fancy.

Dinner was basically leftovers. I had some marsh melon just to cool my system a bit. The heat has really been getting to me!!!
I woke uo before the alarm rang and had the Scientist's tiffin ready before I hit the 7am body combat class at the gym.
Overall a weekend with plenty of rest. I just cant figure out why my body decided to gain weight. Well I'm not going to change anything except drinking more water and just keep going on. The scale should catch up soon, no?


  1. You seem to have had a good weekend. Don't worry about the toddler, I think they will grow out of it. My daughter is more attached to my Mother in law who looks after her during the day, and prefers her over me. So I sort of know how you feel.
    Swimming eh..good, I have company now.:)
    Where do you get ragi flakes? I couldn't find them in Mumbai. Hubs is in B'lore this week, maybe he can pick some up for me.
    Bas I will shut up now. Have a nice week ahead. :)

    1. :) sigh Prachi!!! I'd prefer family over a servant and the woman has begun to take us for granted!

      Ragi flakes - I think Namdhari :) Organics may be the brand. They have other variants as well.. tell the hubs to get u each of their variants! They contain the lowest sugar in any ready made cereal as per my research!Or lemme know I'll send you them :)

  2. House help-when you have them they are a problem-BUT when you don't its a BIGGER problem-lol-I soo miss my Help back from DUBAI she used to be stauing with us full time-and take care of pretty much all the house hold stuff like cooking etc-but my boy was not so much attached-he would prefer Dada more-lol-Anyways

    Scales and weight gain are hard for me to figure out too-But looks like you had fun over the weekend.

    1. Sheetal- Exactly!!! its like a double edged sword :) yep I did have fun, as always!!!

  3. Dear,
    Chin up!, don't feel sad. You have lost inches, I am sure. Don't worry about the scale. The fact that you were able to fit into that top is a testimony that you have developed definition around your body. You are doing well.


    1. thankyou Deepa. I appreciate your support :)

  4. Nice updates on the weekend..


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