Monday, May 27, 2013

The weekend post - froyo, donuts, morning run, diabetes scare et al!

Whew what a weekend that was!!! I hope you guys had a good one too.

My weekend was packed with a little bit of everything - good food, good workouts, doctor's visit, some home improvement window shopping, friends, movie watching and yes Chittu time!

Friday started off on this note:

That's frozen yogurt!!! This was the Scientist's pista flavour topped with white choco chips and chocolate balls :)

The one below is mine - litchee flavoured.

(Also unpictured is the liberal test serving of mango froyo the friendly sales guy offered me)

And can the weekend start better?

Since the toddler had slept early, we had a real Friday evening to chill out and the husband and I had decided to head out for coffee. Just opposite the coffee shop was the Krispe Creme sig and we could not resist the idea of a doughnut to go with our coffees.

And finally the Scientist noticed the frozen yogurt signboard, and he knew it was something I have been wanting in a long long time :) So we stepped in and enjoyed dessert . But the Krispy Kreme sign did not stop enticing the Scientist who thought of donuts for Saturday's breakfast. I promised him I would not eat any in a mid-night fury and so we packed 6 and took them home:

Ofcouse I remembered to snap only after we had already eaten 3of the calorie laden goodness :). Why do carbs taste so good? But that was only after I had rushed to the gym for a good sweaty workout after waking up early :)

The rest of Saturday was spent visiting our house, currently under renovation, watching a tamil movie in the afternoon (over the remaining donuts, ofcouse!!!) and playing kickball with the toddler in the evening! I went light at dinner - restricting to a mango protein shake after the mornings carb fest!

Sunday began with a morning run! Its more than a month since I really ran out in open ? And I totally enjoyed it! Someone remind me - why did I stop running at Lalbagh?

Avg Pace8:49
I was coming down with a bad UTI and was feeling totally lousy by Saturday evening. Some rashes that had appeared on my body a week ago was also becoming more severe. I decided to bite the bullet and see the doctor. Based on the description I gave him, the doctor said I could be diabetic becasue the rash I was experiencing along with UTI was most commonly found in diabetics. "But how?" I asked the doctor - I was leading a fairly active lifestyle, have been eating healthy and basically have been working really hard on my health. He wanted me to run some tests, but put me on antibiotics anyway.

I gave my blood sample and kept my fingers crossed I was not diabetic. I kept telling the Scientist that it would be terrible if I was! Anyway, the test results came this morning and turns out all my parameters are perfectly normal. Nothing at all! That was relieving! I am already feeling better with the UTI meds :)

And the rest of Sunday was spent refrigerator shopping :) We are looking at some swanking stuff for our new home ( I have not spoken much about that here, have I?). Sunday evening was a quite one at a freind's place to watch to watch the IPL play offs! And then Monday again!

I made bajra roties for lunch and will share that with you on the next post :)

Have you had such unnecessary scares with the doctor?? This one sure had my heart racing till I saw the results :)


  1. Thank God that u tested negative!! I had one such scare when I was a kid!! A cyst that had appeared in my uterus and after a week it just vanished!!

  2. Praise the Lord, all well for you, will post on what went on with me ! Come on over when you're ready to read it!

  3. thank god the test is negative!
    the donuts and froyo look yummy, now I am craving some donuts too!


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