Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On today with Chittu

Today has been a very "excity" day for the little Chittu. He cried like hell, laughed a lot and is now finally asleep in his cozy little thooli*. The day for me the mommy has been great. It is very gratifying indeed to be home with the baby ALL the time. And though at times I get very moody and all itsy-plitsy about not being able to even read the newspaper somedays, on the whole, it is rather fulfilling to be with the little fellow, as in physically, with him, at his every waking moment.

He is a little under five months of age and loves the brightey-bright colours, also loves conversations with people who nod their head and have animated expressions. He loves to stand by the gate of his grandparents' home, watching passers by. He calls out to them, smiles some times, squeals in excitement some other times or just intently observes. He hold his rattles when handed to him, and tries his best to put it in his mouth so he can chew.  He has not yet rolled over from lying on his back, and though there is worried me, I have not yet decided to hit the panic button.I love to watch the little fellow sleep. Fists closed,  legs in an < > position, the random smile... I can see a dynamite in the making. 

I love this time with him, and cannot explain how much cheery my days have become...I do not know what tomorrow has in store for me, but I must confess, my today has been good, well beyond my expectation.

*thooli - a baby hammock - to sleep in

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  1. I was very curious to see my namesake:)

    will read through and comment:)


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