Thursday, May 26, 2011

So WHAT have I been upto?

Really? Well, plenty as this post will unravel. With the motherhood tag added to my portfolio, I have been upto a lot, lately.  I join work next week after a year long sabbatical, tending to my then new born, now one year old baby, and two fractured feet. Just in case, any one out there is really interested in the details of how the latter happened, drop me a comment with your email address, and I shall spare you no detail. Now that work, money and the associated empowerment will soon return, I am in particularly high spirits, and feel good about all that I have done with the last year:

  • I have lost more than half the weight pregnancy, ending with a baby and two broken feet gave me. People I meet after long, nudge me for the secret. So that's victory number one, with many more pre-pregnancy and pre fracture pounds to lose.
  • I have been able to spend some lovely stress free time with the little fellow. First smile, first word and such similar milestones, have gone unmissed. Delightful days have passed in the company of the naughty toddler.
  • The Scientist and I too have had first hand,  meaningful conversations. With work coupled with pregnancy and child birth, most of our talking happened over cell phone, which, suffice to say, is not to my best taste.
  • I read a LOT over the last year. Books and blogs. Good books. I want to write book reviews for each of them.
  • I passed a professional examination, last lap of which was threatening to stay incomplete. Yayyyy!! I did it.
    So, now that I am done with self congratulation, I shall wind up this post with a conviction, to never give writing such a long break. Ever. Ever again.

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    1. Good to read all positives here.I am also in the process of writing a professional exam in first week of June and then would go for the job hunt.

      Writing book reviews is a good idea.I started it last year and when i see a handsome 46 books done , it really feels great.


    Yes. I Know you are thinking something. Please say it! Every word keeps me going!