Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because I want to write again

I write this post, because, when I read, I want to write. In the last few months, the only things I've kept track of is the number of teeth my baby is growing, his weight, his food and all things him. It's not a bad thing to be sucked into the life of your baby. And it's certainly not wrong. But I must admit, there have been times I wanted to creep in here, and tell you, a truck load of things. But then I would think - "Who'd be interested?"

Be that as it may, I'm still going to pick up where I left off, and start all over again.

Let the words flow again,
Because the gates are open now,
Bounded by no chains,
Like a released captive dove.

Let the words flow again,
Because the sun just awoke,
And the lovely rain
Is making beautiful strokes.

Let the words flow again,
From far far away
No strife, no strain,
Life is here to stay.

I'll be back, my lovelies!!!

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Yes. I Know you are thinking something. Please say it! Every word keeps me going!