Friday, October 14, 2011

Splenda and Getrim are my new best friends!

Yes. For those who don't really understand, Splenda is the name of an zero calorie artificial sweetner, and Getrim is a low calorie meal replacement drink, details of which will follow.

That is how serious I have been about losing losing weight. At the doctor's office in September 2010, after having a baby and fracturing both of my feet, I was terrified of stepping on the weighing machine. I think it showed a whopping 100.8. Man where had all that come from? At that time, I was still recovering from the Caesarean section and fighting with constant pain and sweeling in both my feet. The doctor said: "It's a trap. Your feet will heal slower because of your weight. And to lose weight, your feet are not strong enough for exercise. " Those words nearly killed me.

Nearly a year later, today's weigh in showed 85.7 kg. Going by the measure of BMI, It still is classified as obesity for my height. But I have nearly 15 kg less to lose to get to my target weight.

So I have replaced Spelnda for sugar in my morning tea. I was really apprehensive about doing it. But since I don't like my tea too sweet, it took just a wee bit of getting used to. Now after 5 days, I am totally alright with it.

This morning I opened the box of getrim that was sitting in my kitchen the last two days. The last time, I tried the vanilla variant. I drank it everyday for about 5 days. Then I started feeling nauseous every time I saw the box. So, I have made two changes this time. First I bought the choco mocha flavour and have decided to replace a meal with it once every few days, when I feel I don't have the time or ideas or ingredients to cook up a healthy meal. Today is day one. I had it at about 9.30a.m., and am not starving until now. Lunch time is in about 30 minutes. So, I think the satiety level is good. Just have to suck up to the not-so-good taste.

Alright.That's the update for now. Watch this space for the lovely things about weight loss and healthy eating.


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  1. I am motivated from your post and I have started doing the same thing as you had suggested. However instead of Splenda I am going to use Stevia leaf powder


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