Monday, October 10, 2011

Present with a smile :)

I want to know, how I can smile on my blog. This morning, I wanted to just come here, and tell the world I'm smiling. Because:

My little fellow woke up warm and cheerful, and rushed into my arms as I called out for him. And then we cuddled, and laughed and spoke looking at each other in the bathroom mirror, wishing good-morning.

Also, the weighing scale decided to befriend me this week. It showed a loss of one kg, and so we are inching closer to the Diwali target. Yayyyy!! Finally, I just wish all that rice I ate yesterday, wont show up tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a holiday, because Maharishi Valmiki celebrates his birthday. God did make some good people after all.

Is not that reason enough?

Are you smiling? Lemme know why.


  1. Made breakfast for mom for fun and so smiling .

  2. :) thanks for supporting the blog always


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