Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diwali and the Eating Disaster!

Am back after Diwali of 2011. Besides being unable to believe its actually over, I am kind of grateful that the eating rampage I went on has finally come to an end. We were back in town the day before yesterday, and the amount of veggies I have eaten in the last two days put together, has given my digestive system a great relief.

While I did tell and cajole myself a whole lot about how I have eaten plenty of sweets all my life and how hard I worked to reach my Diwali goal weight, and therefore I should really stay away from those sugary atom bombs, all went in vain, and I have regained about two kilos. The only difference this time was that, after having eaten healthy for a consistently long enough period of time, the sweets I ate really made me feel sick. I did not enjoy it, but kind of fell in a compulsive eating trap.

There is no use fretting too much about it or punishing myself for the heinous crime. Hence I will just go back to my healthy eating ways and exercise.

I have been also thinking about keeping a food journal, and know that it will be very useful weight loss tool. Lets make that the goal of November 2011- keeping a food journal.

When I decided to take on a serious weight loss attempt  in September 2010, I chose to follow the South Beach Diet, because it appealed to me, for being able to lose weight while not starving myself. Although the last one year has been rather like a ping pong, I have managed to lose 15 kilos. The South Beach Diet is divided into 3 phases. You can read more about it here. Following the sugar attack I subjected myself to last week, I have restarted phase 1. I have modified the SBD to suit me, which means that basically I have made an Indian vegetarian version out of it. I have tweaked several standard recipes to make them SBD friendly. And I must admit that it has suited me well. I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician. So I might not be right in what I do. But I can say this Indian vegetarian South Beach Diet way of eating has really helped to work away my sugar cravings, and has taught me to eat healthy. It has done me more good and no harm, and therefore I think I have finally found the diet that works for me.

As for exercise, following the fractured feet, I could not think of running or walking. And so I purchased an Elliptical, that has been a fine investment so far. It gives me luxury of getting a cardio work out at home. So I have no excuse of being not able to get out or hit a gym. With stretches before and after the elliptical work out, I manage to give about 25-30 minutes to moderate aerobic activity atleast 6 days a week. I want to rev it up a bit, but am going to wait for some time until that happens. More about that later.

That apart, I took a week long holiday for Diwali and spent quality time with the Scientist and Chittu, and with all the goodies and festivity, this Diwali was a rocking one!! How did you spend your diwali? Lemme know.

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  1. Spent diwali on a train to meet up with friends.


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