Monday, November 7, 2011

Of Yesterday and the November Goal

Yesterday was a grain free day for me. It was ekadashi as well, a day Hindus abstain from grain as a form of Prayer to Lord Krishna. The Ekadashi fast is also said to be one of the most superior kinds of fasts. While I am a lover of the Lord, and his kind ways, I do the fast more for the reason that it gives my body a break from food, rather than, in the hope of attaining salvation.
Being a vegetarian therefore, I ate only vegetables, fruit, yogurt and milk yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling more agile and lighter. I stepped on the weighing scale to read 84.8 kgs. Yay!! I have come under the 85 mark.
However, as I sat down to lunch yesterday, with my plate containing curried cauliflower, a golden apple and a cup of low fat curd, I suddenly felt guilty. The food on my plate was yummy. And always in the back of my head, I want the food I eat in the hope of losing weight to taste bad. I then had to remind myself that if I had some rice to go with the cauli and some ghee laden mysorepak for dessert, my lunch would have been yummy, sugary and high calorie. However, that did not preclude my roasted veggies from tasting good.
So that is a learning I may have to constantly reinforce that healthy food need not taste bad. AT ALL. The food and weight journal I have been meaning to do for a long time now have not yet come through. I need to push myself a little more. I know that by keeping the journal, I will not sneak in a cookie or icecream or sugary dessert here and there. I am not going to be nasty with myself. I have done well until now, and will be more patient.
Have you had a November goal?

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