Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Kind Weighing Machine Came Visiting

Hi! Just at quick one to say that my weighing scale decided to be kind to me this morning. 83.6 kgs. Only yesterday it showed 84.7. I read somewhere that in order to one kilogram of weight, one needs to create a calorie deficit of 2000 cals. Wow. That may be the equivalent of running for like two hours. I did not run a marathon. Neither did I totally starve myself for a day. I have been a good girl, you know. And the weighing scale finally decided to acknowledge. Yay! For me.

Ok I know there’s not like a million people following my blog. Or even a millionth of that figure. But the reason I’m writing my weight loss story here is that, I found so few, or almost no Indian weight loss blog accounting the journey of one person. On the other hand, there are so many Americans/Europeans/Aussies etc pouring their story on the web, as is reflected by the few that I’ve blog rolled on the side bar. Why? I wonder. May be its taboo to write about something so personal as weight loss on the web? Or may be I’m just a genius. Duh. No. Just kidding. Anyway, the reason I’m doing this is that:

1.    It makes me feel more accountable
2.    It feels great when I type out text that screams: ”I’ve lost weight!”
3.    Even if one person in the whole of this country reads this, and thinks that there is someone out there with her/him, I will feel good about that.
4.    I have attention deficiency disorder. And this is written proof.

Ok. The last one was a joke. Forgive me. But seriously, do you think what I’m doing is ok? Like not criminal? Lemme know.


  1. I will be running a few half marathons next year and i maintain an excel sheet of the distance covered everyday.Every week it is all about stretching the limit say a km more.I can understand the importance of these posts for you.I guess it keeps you motivated.Well ,attention deficiency is a nice term will use it in writing ;)

  2. Really? A half marathon? That must be serious work. Are you training on your own? Or doing a class/ have a guide?
    Yep writing is my first love. whether or not I'm good at it. It always gives me clarity, which is what I need in this journey to weight loss.

  3. I ran one this March and mostly all the training material is online.Personally i feel happy only after stretching myself beyond the limits.


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