Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week wise - Weight, health and generally life

I don’t want to open the door to December yet. Can you hear December ringing the doorbell incessantly? Shoosh. Silence please - time to evaluate the last week.

Weight wise, I have been hovering at 84 point something all of last week, the week end and today. Food wise, I have not had much sugary treats or deep fried food etc, but thanks to the chilly weather in Bangalore, I think we sneaked in some rice here and there. And some refined flour based foods. The exercise has been consistent. Elliptical some days and floor exercises on other. I have also kept at taking the stairs most times to reach my third floor apartment, and second floor work place. But the weight has not budged much. I was angry yesterday at my failure to make progress. But then I thought of the larger picture. I have come so far, as to fit into almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. One no-loss week should be alright. Atleast I have not gained.

But I think I’m having some major gas issues. Because I feel pain – like a stabbing pain, (not that I have been stabbed before- but a harsh pain) on the left side – below the chest and above the hip. I feel it even more when I yawn, take a deep breath in and when I belch. I had this kind of thing in late august-september. I went to the doc, ate all the medicines he gave, but it did not go away. Then the Scientist recommended that I restart exercise which I had stopped for two months. So, I started exercising, and the pain disappeared, slowly. But its back now and I feel like I’m a volcano erupting with gas. So I’m trying some harmless home remedies – like drinking A LOT OF WATER. I also had a big glass of buttermilk with asafetida(hing). But I still feel like a balloon on the brink of bursting. I’m not sure if I should see a doc again.

So I think that’s another reason, I have not seen a loss on the weighing scale. But I feel so much fitter, agile and confident. I have understood that exercise is a fantastic thing once you decide to shed the laziness. So much easier said than done.

Hitting the below 80 mark by the end of December, now that it is so close, seems a little difficult. But that is still the goal. We shall wait and see.

Are you ready for December?

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