Thursday, December 8, 2011

Am I obsessed with weight loss?

Does that sound tacky?

But, yes. I am obsessed with weight loss. Thinking about it every second of the day is what makes me do little things that make a difference:

1. like getting my butt up from my swivel chair at work to reach for a file/papers rather than just you know, swivel around
2. drink more water than I used to ( I would sometimes go the whole day with just a few sips of water, as against these days when I target to drink 2 litres or more of water. I gulped down some as I typed this)
3. quicken my pace while walking
4. take the stairs instead of the lift. I have begun to do it all the time now, when I don’t have the toddler to carry.
5. feel more conscious to my body, observe various muscles etc.

When I started this post out, I intended that it should not be another weight loss related post. But, there you go. Damage is done. But some time soon, I will write about other stuff as well. I have got a good life going, you see.

What is your obsession? Leave me a line.

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