Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Addressing my rants.

Remember my rants all of last week? Well, it appears that my body was doing some adjustments. Noteworthy things that happened this week:

·         The scale has begun to show lower numbers. So much for my fight!
·         I had ONLY ONE mint Oreo (the real one, not the bad stuff Britannia sells in India) from an entire packet that the husband bought and devoured by himself.
·         I took only one sip from the large coke that the husband got free for buying movie tickets using Citibank card. I trashed the rest, and the popcorn. It makes me bloated. I’m proud of myself.
·         I also had only half a californian cookie, out of the three varieties that the husband bought at cookie man. (do you see a trend? The husband is beginning to grow the devil’s horns? And I have displayed great strength at resisting food)
·         I have, this first week of November December, kept at adhering to my monthly goals. So, food & exercise journal is going good, as is added evening exercise twice a week.
·         The inches are going on my lower body, which allays my fear that I was losing weight only on the top.  

Moral of the story: I’m too good.

Nah. But seriously, all that it takes to say NO to a large coke calling out my name that pre-planned decision to say NO. Believe me, it was not this easy the last time. But I have been persistent.


  1. Hi!
    Its always good to welcome someone new (to me) to the weight loss world. I'm definitely gonna add you to my list.
    Let's lose weight together!

  2. yea baby!! lets rock the party :P


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