Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Alone - Day 3 & Welcome to 2012

So, my three days of sanctioned loneliness comes to an end with today. I have loved being home alone, and am also looking forward to seeing Chittu this evening. As I said in my last post, its not like I have accomplished much in the days of solitude. But I feel calm and feel ready for 2012. When December started, I was in denial. I could not believe that time galloped by so fast. I still am amazed at how fast Chittu has grown from a tiny fellow who could not hold his head up to a little guy, who now repeats words after us. 

Life, in its own unkind ways taught me many lessons. But unkind or not, I have come further from where I stood at the threshold of 2011. I am now more "aware" of so many things.  I know that I am standing with the doors of 2012 thrown open to me. I am looking forward to it like never before. And I think, that is a step towards positiveness.  

Weight wise, I think I will accomplish the goal I have set, and that will mean many things. That will possibly be the biggest inner demon I have fought with, and will translate into improved self confidence and basically the feeling that I can do almost anything. Since I have struggled with weight loss all my life, reaching goal weight will mean many things both physically and mentally. 

I do a have a list of to-do things of 2012, that are not resolutions, but simply, things I want to do. That will be my next post.

Meanwhile, dear kind reader, what for you is different about the start of 2012? Have you done a post? Please let me know.


  1. "I am now more "aware" of so many things" ditto

  2. :) Abhinav and best wishes for the new year ahead!

    @Lori... thanks for the wishes and the visit :) happy new year to you too...


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