Monday, January 2, 2012

December Wrap Up & Things to do list for 2012

So how did I do in December 2011?

1.    Weightwise, I was aiming for the below 80 mark. But I weighed in at 81.5kg this morning. Not so bad? Eh?
2.    Exercise wise, I wanted to fit in a session of evening exercise at least twice a week. That went pretty smooth.
3.    Food journal. In one word –nope. But on a longer note, the reason I wanted to do this was because I seemed to have hit a plateau, and my weight was NOT budging. So I did journal for two weeks I think, and then the scale began to move down again, so I stopped. Frankly, no regret.

Moving on to the 2012 to do list:

1.    Hit target weight by August. (you can see my start weight, current weight and target weight in the sidebar)
2.    Begin to drive
3.    Resume dance - Bharatanatyam
4.    Plan and execute two vacations
5.    Professional goal A – complete something I started (LONG ago)
6.    Work on the blog
7.    Start a recipe blog for my healthy/SBD friendly recipes
8.    Manage sleep time
9.    Resume Improve reading habits
10. Plan our finances

Honestly I can convert this list into a never-ending one. But the above images my primary goals. These are things I need to desperately get done.

So I am going to busy myself already. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hit the target.
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