Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Mommy Babble and Change in Plans

It has been an uneventful Sunday. The Scientist is out of town for a friend's book launch, and I have been home with the toddler, and his baby sitter, Maami. I have not spoken about her much here. Have I? 

I got back to work in June, this year. Before I resumed work, the Scientist and I had long winded discussions as to whether to leave the baby at the Creche or have some one at home to take care of him. The Scientist was totally against the Creche. I was open minded. The Scientist has a tendency to be unnervingly calm about these uncertain things. I was working up a a great worry, wndering if time had come to being a stay at home mom. I really did not want to have it that way. Eventually, we launched a search for a "helper" about two months prior to the date I joined work, spreading word to every living being known to us.

Without delving into too much detail, let it be said that we found beloved Maami. Maami, fit the portfolio perfectly. She was middle aged, and had done this kind of job before. The amount  we offered to pay her was acceptable to her. Maami, then came to live with us in our humble two bedroom home about three weeks before I joined work. 

Chittu has always been an amiable baby. Atleast till now that is the status. And Maami, was also able to strike a bond wth him. The duo have been getting along well so far. And we have given Maami a raise too.

Only sometimes, I miss my "alone" time. There's someone who is not family in my drawing room all the time. Sometimes, its annoying. There are times, I wish i could just shut myself up. I am like that. I like some quite time. 

But Maami reads out books to Chittu. He shows a lot of interest in the books we have bought for him. Sometimes, my heart weeps listening to her english word pronunciation. I fear Chittu will speak like like her. But I know he won't. He will probably go to a fancy English medium school, and make fun of the way I speak english too. We have not had a television at home since we got married. So the child is spared of a lot of visual tamasha from that source. But Maami listens to some ridiculous tamil songs on her mobile phone. My appeals to her are not exactly positively responded to.

But despite all the above, I can leave my baby with her, as I rush to work every morning, with the reassurance that he will be cared for decently. That he will be bathed, clothed and fed, in my absence. That a stray late evening meeting won't give me worries about who will pick the child up from the Creche. I have traded a lot of my personal preferences in return for some peace of mind. And thats the best way things can be, for now.

Updated to add: I am under attack of the rhino virus. But I've got an important week ahead. My fridge is stocked up with good food, and my meal plans/options are written in my head. My weight is not budging AT ALL. I'm going back to South Beach Diet, Phase I, just to shake things up a bit. Will keep you posted about the progress if any.

For new readers, let me recapitulate my weight loss story: 17 kgs lost in 15 months and 17 more to go. Am supposed to reached goal weight, by my birthday in August 2012, when I will be turning five years younger. 



  1. Dear Sugar,

    I am going through your archive and girl you write so well.

    17 kgs lost in 15 months, wow. Thats an awesome weigh loss.

    All the best for your important week.



  2. Shiva,

    Thanks for the lovely thing you said about the way I write.

    About the weight loss, thanks again. But sometimes, I think it would have been awesome if had done the same thing before I got pregnant :)
    Anyway, better late than never :P

    So here I am.


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