Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Updates Galore!


On Sunday, I told you, dear readers, that I was going to have an important week. So important that, I told my manager at work that I needed half a day off. But the work that was supposed to be done in half a day, took two whole days. And I stayed away from work, without any intimation of my proposed leave.

The transaction – purchase of our home.

Ouch. Yes. Really.  

We bought a house. Now let me tell you that all is not rosy about it, because it involves getting work done at the Sub- Registrar’s Office. And that means – lots of “non-rosy” things which I will not cannot say here. Sibbal might just send me a notice, you know?

Anyway, everything was supposed to get done on Monday. It did not. Our lawyer said, “Alright. You just need to come at 10.30 a.m. and get this done.” Simple. Yes?

No. NO! “Just get it done” means fill up forms written with instructions in a language you cannot read, with many hands to grease and just very disheartening to know about. So our work did not “just get done”. When we were done it was about lunch time. I had some Xerox copying to do, then deliver some papers in the Bank which financed our not-so-rosy-home, relieve my bursting bladder, drink water, have lunch and then get to work. By the time I got to the last bit – work that it is, it was 3p.m. Not a time to get to office, and too late to inform boss of my day of absence. So, I went home, slept, and rested my aching back.

“I expected you yesterday”, said the Manager this morning in a grave tone. Oopsie!! No promotion next year, was my thought. Whatever.

Food & Exercise Update:

Been a good girl, except the Rava-Onion Dosa at Shanti Sagar on Monday, during a much needed coffee break in the registration process. Been keeping up with Phase 1 South Beach Diet, adding fruits, as an exception to the general phase I rules.

My elliptical, kind of died on Sunday, and needs to be fixed. Yesterday I managed to climb a lot of steps and walk as well. Am thinking of walking/ running in the park this evening.

Weight Read :82.3kg this morning. But, please dear God, don’t make it increase tomorrow. I am working really hard on this.
 I might just achieve my New Year Goal of making it below the 80 mark. Do you think I will get there? Any suggestions?


  1. Hey congratulations on the new house.I guess more important than the new year goal is the fact that you are pushing yourself harder.In life it is important to move out of our comfort zones and that is all that counts.

  2. Thanks Abhinav. That means a lot to me emotionally. Its not the material happiness of buying the house, but a host of other emotions that are associated with it, that makes me feel accomplished, and satisfied. I will do a post about it later.
    About the weight loss, I am getting there. Slowly, but surely.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh Wow! Congrats on your new home!


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