Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I did this weekend

I have had a splendid weekend. It was almost perfect.

Friday night kind of set the tone for our week end, with a celebratory dinner (we bought a house, remember?) at the Taj West End, Bangalore.The Indian restaurant - Masala Kraft, has a delectable spread, and is true testament to the glory of dining at the Taj. The original plan was to go by ourselves, but Chittu called himself in at the end.

Dinner, was rounded off by baked Anjeer Halwa for dessert that the Scientist and I split. I am on a diet, I remind myself. But it's a celebration. And thats OK. I got right back on track, with an early morning run Saturday. It felt great. I did a few laps in the neighbourhood park, and jogged back home.The whole run was a jog. But, Man, was it good! We spent the morning and early afternoon shopping for necessary groceries, got home for lunch, and crashed out on bed, along with the toddler. Now I know why they call the elliptical low impact. We met the Scientist's friend and his wife for dinner. They are expecting their baby in early January. So we imparted some unsolicited  parenting gyaan. Hmm.. since we had dinner at a restaurant, I tried to stay on plan, by avoiding the roti and skipping dessert.We walked back home, watch half an hour of "How to train a dragon", and were ready for the bed.

I headed for a run again this morning, with sore muscles of my legs, abdomen, glutes and back. But I figured, doing the run will still make me feel better than if I did not do it. So there I was - sweat-shirt clad, in the misty wintry bangalore morning,  working my ass off (pun intended). The Scientist fixed my elliptical, while I finished veggie shopping for the week. We were meeting the Scientist's colleagues for lunch, during which I kind of stayed on plan, by watching the rice, and skipping the very tempting sweet dish, and the acclaimed samosa.

I have learnt that it is a matter of the mind. I tell you, it was never this way for me. The toddler wanted to have the samosa. So I fed him half a samosa, without feeling tempted, and gave the rest to the Scientist. Dealing with food has never been this easy for me. I don't feel like I am controlled by it any more. Instead I control food.

Right now, my back and thighs are hurting very badly, and I think I will use a hot-water-bag to ease the pain. As I type this post, the Scientist is putting Chittu to sleep, after which we will watch the rest of "How to train your dragon".

So how was your weekend?

Weight Update: I have been maintaining a steady 82.3-82.5 kg. I shall be patient, and the weight will go.

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