Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Satisfying Snacks that will not ruin your diet

Many times, I find myself raiding my pantry/refrigerator for something to eat. This could be  just about any time of the day, meal time or not. I genuinely intend to eat something healthy/wholesome/not laden with calories.

 I have made below a list of foods that is not what I include as a part of my daily diet, but do allow myself, without causing me to binge eat. I have also mentioned along side the store from where I buy it, and the calorie information also, where I can. But I must quickly add that those store details are Bangalore centric/specific, because that is where I live.

Anyone who is looking for a snack that will not invade/knock down their diet may benefit from this.

1.    Fruit Flavoured Yougurt (please note: this is not low fat/sugar free):

I first got this at the Nandini Milk Parlour. They come in two flavours: Mango and Strawberry.
But better than this is the one I got at the Nilgiris Stores. More Flavours. Excellent to taste. But you must ensure to stop at one cup. ( one cup=100 gms= 91 calories)

2.    Weight Watchers Apricot Spread

Products under the “weight watchers” brand is now available in India. You can replace this for Jam on your whole wheat toast. Or like me, have one spoon of it with your curd. It satisfies a Sugar Craving.
Bought at Godrej World Food Store, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
One tea spoon = 22 calories

3.    Laughing Cow Low Fat Cheese Wedges

This is good at satisfying a cheese craving. You can add it to your soup/steamed veggies/ fruits or just peel the wrapper and eat. Yum.
It is vegetarian as well.
Bought at Namdhari’s/Nilgiris, Bangalore
1 wedge = 30 calories

4.    Organic Peanut Butter- No sugar Added

I bought this at Jaivik Mall, Bangalore. The ingredients it lists are just peanuts and salt. No hydrogenated oil. But this must be eaten in small quantities. I use it as a dip for my carrot/cucumber sticks sometimes. Or just pop a teaspoonful in mouth, and then pretend there is no more left in the bottle. It is very tasty, and beware, or you will have downed half a bottle before you know it.

5.    Hummus

Another great veggie dip, made of chickpeas. Hunt online and you will find many recipes. I got a prepacked box of Hummus at the Godrej World Food Store, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Yummy. You could also spread a layer of Hummus on a whole wheat Chappati, top it with veggies of your choice and lo! You have a wrap.

Try this, and then tell me that going on a diet means eating food that tastes bad. That myth is busted!

6.    Khakra

Again, a snack which warrants portion control. I will suggest you should just take one Khakra on a plate and enjoy. DO NOT EAT STRAIGHT FROM PACKET. It will all be gone before you know it.

1 khakra (whole wheat) = 70-90 calories.

7.    Nuts

Omega 3 is the latest health food :P. You get it in nuts. Eat Almonds/pecans/walnuts/ peanuts in MODERATION. Measure out portions. DO NOT EAT FROM JAR.

8.    Roasted Gram

This gives satiety, if you are craving a salty snack. Packed with protein and free of oil. I have begun to have this handy.

9.    Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

Add it to cold milk and relish. It has an artificial sweetner. But sure does a good job satisfying a chocolate craving. I first bought this at Namdhari. But am not able to find it any more L

10. My Secret

I try to buy those highly priced fancy fruit like kiwis, plums, peaches and pears that are imported. That gives me the feeling of eating an exotic food, that is all natural and packed with healthfulness. Trick and treat!!

That is a long post already. I will stop. Will be back later.

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