Saturday, February 25, 2012

The weekly work out update, ProtineX review & the recipe promise

Yep! I am keeping my word. My work out  schedule this week looked like this:

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday - I skipped the work out for the reasons I mentioned here
Wednesday: Lower body strength training &
Thursday: 30 minutes on elliptical & 15 on treadmill
Friday: Upper Body strength training
Saturday : dance aerobics group class

Now for the Banana-Black Grape-Strawberry smoothie that is my new found obsession:

 one red banana, about 10 black grapes and 5 strawberries
2 teaspoons of ProtineX powder
1 cup of curd and half a cup of milk

Whisked everything together in the blender and tadaaa :)

As I said its a new obsession. I feel like its a treat and with no added sugar it is. Two teaspoons of protineX have approx 45 cals. The above will make two servings.And that's about 160 calories per serving. I don't how well it will last in the fridge and so I just drank up the whole thing :P

Sorry about the poor picture quality. But I took the pictures on my iphone 1.

ProtineX - Product review - you can find the calorie break-up here. When had in my shake, it tastes pretty ok. There is 8 grams of sugar per serving, which is not too bad as well. But I might just try the diabetic version next time out of curiosity :). As is apparent from the name it is also a good source of protein. It has also not affected my weight loss attempt. So, the product is pretty good, though a wee bit pricey :)

So my promises have been kept. My eyes are shutting down. I am looking forward to Sunday. How about you?


  1. Hey Sugar! I have a question. I am not weight training, just walking and running. can I take proteinex? Since I am an occasional non-vegetarian, my protein intake is seriously lacking (and especially since I am in the land of Carbs now - south India!)

    1. @Sangeetha... I am no physician, dietician etc, but the comparitive illustration I saw about this product's protein content seemed considerable. I needed a break from consuming too much pulses, legumes- rajma, channa,peas etc so I needed a bit of change. Also my recipe turns out to be pretty sweet and creamy, which gives me the satiety of a milk shake sans the fat and sugar.

      If you do eat eggs or meat or fish you may be doing good...You need 1 gram of protein for kilogram of body weight, ideally.

      hope that helps!!!


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