Friday, February 24, 2012

Liking Strength Training & a little bit of Introspection

Last few days have been on plan. The strength training is going well also. I must admit that I like it better than I expected to. I did do some strength training back in my college days when I thought I was fat and ugly. Though I’m probably heavier now even after losing 20 kgs, than I was while at college, I like the way I look and also have great regard for that person inside me who decided to move her butt on the weight loss front. I know I have a long way to go, and that maintenance is another story altogether, but one step at a time is less terrifying than thinking ahead. Of course I have a plan on the food and exercise front, but I’m going to achieve it only one step at a time.

Remember my trek two weeks back? While on it, as I looked at the trail ahead, I wondered how I would climb over that part that seemed so difficult from where I stood. But once I got there and took the step, I kept moving forward. I also worried over how hard the climb down would be. But then one step at a time, I climbed down without much of a struggle.

I appreciate how I broke my barriers with that trek. My fear of doing physical activities is a long story. I was less fearful of injury than of how hard it would be for somebody to pick me up! What would he/she/they say & think about me? This time, I was going up with the Scientist who has been very sensible about my self image. Without support from him, I may not have come this far.

Coming back to weight training and how I don’t dislike it as much as I expected to, that is again a personality trait. I tend to adjust easily into circumstances, once I realize that there are no two ways about it. But that has to come from me. No one can talk me into it. It’s a process in my head, where I speak and reason and convince and eventually like.

Does any of the above make sense to you dear reader? As you can see, weight loss has a huge bearing on me both physically and emotionally, and this journey I’m on is proving to be more about introspection than I thought.

So I am going to keep up with weight training for a little while. 2/3 days a week is what I plan. Plus cardio on other days. So I have finally given my workout some structure, rather than doing what I felt up to. I will also post every Saturday, my work out of the week gone by, so that there will be a record here on my blog too J

Until then, do leave me a line. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. I know exactly what you are thinking....and I always think the fact that one is trying is the best thing of all. All the best....:)


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