Friday, March 16, 2012

Packed bags.

Note to self:

Ok. The vacation is here. You must enjoy enjoyself, as you are going on a real vacation after very very long. You deserve one. And you know there is an added ocassion too. However, please don't let it turn into an unlimited sugar party that lasts for a week. Eat sensibly. Restrict eating to meal times. Please think before you eat, you do not want to work on getting out of the enormous eighties once again. You know the option of having some sort of exercise is always available, and I'm proud that you've packed your running shoes and work out gear. I trust you will make the best of this break.

Note to readers:

I will be off for a week. We will however be carrying laptop and ipad, and be accessible to internet most of the time. Will post if I find the time and reason. Stay tuned for the holiday update next Sunday :)


Yes. I Know you are thinking something. Please say it! Every word keeps me going!