Sunday, March 25, 2012

The week that was - Celebrating three years of marriage and a great holiday!

Since all good things, come to end, my holiday did too! The Scientist and I celebrated three years of marriage at the Taj, Kovalam a removed beach in Trivandrum, Kerela, and it was a a good way to celebrate. The Taj lives up to its reputation of fine hospitality and treated us well for our vacation.

We had taken a week off work, and first packed off to Chennai, where I was to attend a cousins baby shower last Sunday. I fished many compliments for weight loss :). Monday was spent in the company of my grandmother, who is the the only remaining part of my childhood summer vacation memories. Monday was also the day, the Scientist indulged the shopper in me to some very pretty sarees, pictures of which will come later. We took the flight out of Chennai on tuesday afternnon, and landed amidst never-ending coconut groves on the coast of the Arabian Sea in Trivandrum, Kerela. 

My plans of eating sensibly, exercising and keeping my food journal was lost somewhere deep in the ocean or high on a coconut palm :)

With a beautiful beach, grand buffets and a luxurious room, even little Chittu was not demanding about venturing into the city. We however did not miss the ancient Padmanabhaswamy Temple and many kilos of banana chips.

I weighed myself this morning and saw 80.2kgs. Up from a low of 78.6 kgs. I will go back to the gym tomorrow morning  and revert to my healthy ways after grocery shopping in a few hours from now.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

I will leave you with some pictures, while I catch up with unread blogs.

Chittu - the master writer - He's obsessed with pens and pencils :

Above: Anniversary cake and Below: Anniversary Decorations: courtesy my sweet little Brother who has great organisational skills :)

Chittu at play : A branch from a coconut tree

 Yours truly : posing before the wild, angry sea

 Family pictures at the Taj and the following one at the temple entrance, saree and all :)

Chittu at play in the airport 


  1. Great, my wishes for more fun and prosperity.

  2. glad u had a good time. A vacation can really do wonders for your health!

  3. Heyyy, don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I can't pics on your blog. And on this post, i cant see any!

    1. oh! is it? can my readers see 8 pictures on this post? please leave me a line . I appreciate it :)

  4. oh i forgot to mention, can't see the pics

  5. Hey, Congrats! It could have been kinda nice if the pics were visible!

  6. yes yes :) i will get that fixed soon :)

  7. Wow, seems you had a great time. LOved the description of your holidays. I can't see the pics :( please get it fixed soon.

    Lots of love



  8. Wonderful pics. Seems you had a great time. Sugar you look beautiful in saari (loved that snap).



  9. thanks Shiva :) I find sarees very elegant :) makes most women look awesome :)

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! Great pics! Sometime, a vacation is what we all need :-)


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