Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures are Visible and other stuff!

Yes my loves :) you can see the pictures on this post now! So please go there, and don't hesitate to tell me how good they are ;)

I have gone three days with just six hours of sleep, cos my little baby is totally awake even as I type this. Obviously it will take sometime before I can tell him that Early to bed and early to rise makes jack healthy, wealthy and wise :)

Just to pep up my workout a bit, I decided to engage the services of a personal trainer at the gym. I had a trial class today, and Man, I think my body is going to refuse to wake up tomorrow morning.

I'm out of steam for more now. But will fill you guys on the details tomorrow. I am still going to set out my gym clothes! Wish me luck!


  1. Hey, Thanks for making the pics visible. You look great. Its a great motivation when we can fit into nice clothes isn't it? Good luck in your weight loss journey and waiting to see how you will look at your goal weight of 67 kg.

  2. oh yea :) that was a dream I tell you :)

    still a long way to goal! Sigh!

    hows your journey coming along?


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