Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF, a little secret and just a happy post :)

Its Friday. Can you believe it? I’m happy though. I always look forward to the weekends. There used to be a time in my life when I loathed weekends. My person life was spinning out of control and I hated to be home with my thoughts. I resorted to food for comfort, as a way of rebellion and out of complete helplessness. Mentally, I was a mess and physically I was driving myself towards another disaster. Nearly five years later. I am still paying for the abuse I threw at my body, in terms of the five star (candy) bars I used to devour in the dead of the night!

Despite knowing how badly overeating hurts me, I still find myself reverting to my old habits. The only argument in my favour is that I snap out of it pretty fast. Like this time after vacation eating, I went right back into exercise mode.

I have signed up to have a personal trainer at my gym. Let me promise you, it costs a bomb. But can I whisper a little secret – Oh my God! I love it. My body demands and craves for exercise. After an hour of a combination of squats, lunges, pull ups, crunches and other exercises, I feel awesome, stronger and happier. And all that hard work keeps my eating in check too.

I have found that I make better food related choices and decisions when I exercise. Its possibly the thinking that when I’m working so hard, I should not mess up by eating a bakery goodie. Or may be it’s the endorphins?

Anyway, I really wanted to share my experience with exercise, with those who are trying to lose weight in some part of their life. What is your experience with working out? Lemme know. Or do a post and leave me a link J.

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