Saturday, March 3, 2012

The weekly work out round up and the Recipe promise

Yes! I am doing it again. Partly because of some great encouragement from fellow bloggers and weight loss bloggers, and also because it reinforces the weight loss mind frame even during the weekend, when a Pizza for dinner plan sounds so enticing!

So here goes:
Monday - strength training for lower body
Tuesday - Cardio day - 30 mins on elliptical and 10 mins on cycle
Wednesday - took off
Thursday - strength training upper body
Friday - cardio day - 30 mins on elliptical & ran 2 kms on the treadmill non-stop
Saturday - gym closed for maintenance

Last night my dinner looked like this :

The brownish green thing is some sauteed mixed veggies topped with low fat feta cheese. Then there is a red pear and a glass of cold milk with sugar free chocolate hershey's. Perfect dinner, for a hot summer night. Are my Indian readers wondering where I get this stuff from? Please see here.

Here is the recipe for the sauteed veggies (SBD Phase 1 friendly):

You will need:
1 teaspoon cold pressed seasame oil
10 button mushrooms sliced thin
1 zucchini sliced thin
quarter bunch of spring onions
2 tomatoes
2 teaspoons feta cheese for topping

Heat the oil in the skillet
Add the spring onions and saute. Once slightly cooked, add diced tomatoes. saute until cooked and mushy. Then add zucchini and finally mushrooms, because nushrooms cook very fast. Season with your choice. I used some thyme and red chilli flakes. And then finally top with crumbled feta. 

That will make two servings. About 130 calories.

Ok, I know I am a bad picture taker and food blogger and recipe writer. But I will improve with time, I promise. And I this the best I can do right now, with all the time that I have.Please leave a comment giving me your feed back. That motivates me so much!!!

Alright, tomorrow is going to be an early mornign as I am going to head to the gym to make for missed work out today. Weekend update, later!!! I've had a sooper saturday!Watch out!


  1. Hey, Thank you so much for the recipe. The pic looks good. I had got some cold pressed sesame oil from a organic store in west of chord road, rajaji nagar. After reading your post looks like I should pay a visit to the godrej food store in cmh road.

  2. :) you are most welcome. Also you must try Jaivik Mall, at Lalbagh for cold pressed oil and other awesome organic food including organic peanut better :S. I think its the cheapest there, and good too :)


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