Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whirld wind weekend that ended weirdly!!!

Unbelievable, once again the weekend just whizzed past, leaving me wanting more of it. Both days I skipped the gym, merrily compensating for the sleep I missed over the week. We woke up late on both mornings and sipped chai while leafing through the newspaper. Heaven! I tell you.

Summer is here for sure, leaving us with scorching afternoons and sultry nights and bringing back old March memories. March was the month of school examinations set on the anvil of summer vacation. Anyway, before I know it, I have a son of my own who is ready to make his own memories of the Summer months.

Yesterday, I took it easy on the lunch, eating with the rest of the family, including white rice. After some sports shopping at a store called decathalon, we returned home, and I made myself a protein shake with a banana. I expected to return late after the outing, and had this planned in my mind to avoid a restaurant meal!

Today was different, though. I woke up feeling queasy in the stomach and having gasssy problems. The Scientist made me a sandwich, for breakfast, while I rested. The problem is that my entire abdomen feels painful, as is my lower back. I don't seem to be able to stand up for a few minutes, without feeling like someone is stabbing a knife through my back. Hence I gladly welcomed the offer to have lunch outside. We fed Chittu before we left, so he was peaceful through our meal at the Oberoi's Thai restaurant Rim Naam. I rounded off a light meal with some flavourful dessert, and returned home with a box of pastries given by the considerate staff for Chittu's impeccable behaviour. However the pastries are sitting in the fridge, and I am totally free of desire!

Since Chittu promptly fell asleep as we returned home, we headed back out to watch a tamil romantic flick that was cute and enjoyable! We came back home with a bag of veggies & fruits, my life line for the week. However, my pains are still with me, as I type this out, and I wonder if will hit the gym tomorrow morning though my clothes are laid out!We will see :)

Chittu is still quite perky and is playing peek-a-boo from behind my laptop.  I have begun to have the monday morning blues of late, and wish I can simply sit at home, doing nothing!!! Honestly, I'm not in the best of spirits and the pain is not making me feel good. Let's wait and watch.


  1. Hi
    Hope you are feeling better today and able to go to the gym for the workout.

    1. surprisingly, I felt awesome after a 3 k.m run on the treadmill.Guess my body demands exercise in its own way!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Nope...don't know if it's stomach flu or old ulcers :( I don't feel that good!

  3. I'm glad that I found ur blog today :-)

    1. I'm happy too :) welcome to my blog and weight loss journey. Hope to see u here more often!


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