Monday, March 12, 2012

Whirlwind weekend again! Shoe shopping, Salon Appointment, Pizza time & A Movie!

This weekend was awesome. Once again! I Two days of missing gum during the last week was well compensated. Saturday, I did the dance aerobics group class at 7 a.m. Came back home, had my proten shake using half an apple, milk, curd and protein powder. Then it was lunch time. My brother joined us for a simple home cooked lunch followed by musk melon and custard for a simple, yet refreshing dessert.

The toddler went off to sleep early, and we caught up with a movie - Kahaani. Awesome!!! Maami wanted to take the evening off, and we headed out for shoe shopping for the little guy. He got reebok berks. And cute light shoes from the oldie-goldie- Bata. Man!! these kids are so lucky. I got my first pair of branded sneakers only two years into law school. And even now, I wait till they are totally worn out, before I bombshell another one!

Dinner was a tradition in Maami's absense - Papa John's pizza. The garlic breadsticks were yummier than ever!!!!

 Sunday began with me contemplating the going to the gym. I reluctantly went, planning a upper body strength training work out. Instead, I did a 5-k run on the treadmill at 9 mins 15 secs for a kilometer. I was elated. Wow!!! I may be able to do a 10-k in May!

Another home cooked lunch, was followed by a noonly siesta.  I love those. Then time for Salon appointment. Finally got a hair cut. Pictures later!!! Then time for veggie shopping. By which time my nose was announcing the arrival of a cold!! Gah! So i had another carb high steaming hot dinner and went to bed early. No gym on Monday though. I don't want to be sick during the vacation!!!

Yes the vacation is almost here. Just need to get through these 5 work days.


  1. Dear Sugar,

    Reading your posts about weekends even I have now started to think of my weekends as whirlwind weekends. Seems you had a good time.

    Take care of your cold.

    Lots of love



    1. Shiva, that is a very sweet thing to say. Thanks so much. You made my day.


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