Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday work out update & Recipe promise!

My dinner yesterday looked like this - curried cauliflower, cow pea sundal and a bowl of curd. I had had a heavy evening snack of my protein shake, and my appetite was not ravenous.


Recipe for roasted cauliflower:

Cut the cauli into florets and clean thoroughly, under hot water.

Heat a teaspoon of cooking oil(I use cold pressed seasame oil) in a skillet, add jeera (cumin) and let it splutter. Also add a pinch of turmeric. Pour a little bit of water, cover with a plate and let it cook on medim flame for about 10 minutes.

Remove the plate, check if the cauli is cooked enough and toss with a ladle.

If all the water has disappeared, you will observe that the cauli begins to roast. Let it roast till desired, tossing often. Add salt to tase and curry powder as per requirement, toss again and serve.

Tip: You may add a table spoon of besan (chickpea flour) as it roasts to give it an added crunch & crispiness. Tastes divine, I promise.

Cauliflower is a low calorie vegetable, and being loaded with fibre, is also pretty filling.

Now for the workout update:
Sunday - talked myself out of going
Monday - half hour on treadmill
Tuesday - strength training - upper body
Wednesday - half hour on stationary bike and 10 minutes on treadmill
Thursday - day off
Friday - home work out assorted stretches and exercises
Saturday - one hour dance aerobics

I ate out thrice this week - once at a Lebanese restaurant not watching portions, second at a restaurant serving continental cuisine. I had already eaten a heavy evening meal and therefore did not go overboard - bit bites here & there. Today, Maami took the day off- So we ordered in a pizza. Yes I ate. But again,mindful eating.Yes I must watch this eating out bit. That is a special area that requires work. Sometimes, we go two weeks with no restaurant meals. Some weeks like the last one, make up for the others!!! I don't beat myself up. Just pick up and continue.

Alright. Just peeked to keep up the promise. Scientist is snoring and I'm about to join him.




  1. Lebanese restaurant?! Do you by any chance live in / near Indiranagar?!

    1. nope not in/around indiranagar.. the lebanese restaurant is "Ranoosh" on Double Road, near the Shantinagar Bus Terminus. Awesome food! Was also reviewed in y'day's Hindu -Sunday Magazine :)

  2. Sugar! that recipe is awesome!Cauliflower is a tasty vegetable,isnt it? thank you for the recipe,post more girl!


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