Sunday, May 27, 2012

100 - Posts not kilos & an awesome whirlwind weekend!

Yes this is my 100 th post on this blog! And even though my initial posts were not much to do with weight loss, I still have come quite far in my blogging journey.

What better way to celebrate than with a weekend? My weekend began a wee bit  early on friday, with my little Chittu completing the age of two :) It has been quiet a journey in motherhood. Here is the little guy and me at the temple:

Saturday began with an early aerobics class at the gym, which gave a much needed kickstart to the weekend. I came back, made myself a tomato sandwich and settled down with my tea and the newspaper! Then there was a bit of tidying up to do. Followed by some grocery shopping which was incomplete because I did not find my low-fat laughing cow cheese wedges :( in ANY store! 

After a healthy home cooked lunch of bisibele bath which is essentially rice cooked in tamarind with lentils and veggies ( mine was with brown rice) we headed out on an adventurous trip to a dam about 100 kilometres from Bangalore, at Krishnagiri. It was adventurous because were not sure of how good/ bad the destination would be. Another family with twins joined the Scientist and me and off we went. 

We were pleasantly surprised at what we landed in. Some awesome views:

Irrespective of how bad I look in my oversized kurta I was able to have fun! We returned late night after dinner outside. I tried to keep the calorie count down and promptly refused the lays that was passed around!

Sunday morning began a bit late but with breakfast of a banana with wheat flakes in milk! See how breakfast is something I don't miss AT ALL these days? There was another home cooked lunch followed by a precious noonly sisesta. We headed out in the afternoon for some shopping and then came back home for dinner and Chittu time :)

Overall it was an active weekend with absolutely no laziness. I tracked my food and kept the snacking control on! Weight updates are not so encouraging though :( I will be my saintly self though!

Happy monday, everyone!


  1. Belated birthday wishes to Chittu! :-))
    The pics are great Sugar :-)

  2. Great, wish you all the best for your weight goal.

  3. Hi Sugar,
    You look pretty and your kiddo is so adorable :-)
    Found your blog following the comment you made at mine, and I am glad to see your journey to fitness. Keep it up, it's a proud achievement for you. :-)

  4. thankyou Sangeeta for stopping by and leaving me such warm compliments :)


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