Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What makes food so tempting? The reality behind weight loss efforts

Sometimes, I wonder what it is about food that makes it so tempting. That which I have eaten oodles of in life still stays as tempting the next time I set my eyes on it. Last night I went to the airport straight from work to pick up the Scientist and Chittu. My smaller sized lunches now mean that I can barely survive on it till I get home in the evening. Once I do, I make myself a substantial snack or early dinner depending upon how hungry I am and what I am planning to eat. So last evening, as I alighted in the airport bus stop, I was HUNGRY. I headed straight to a shop where I bought an omlette sandwich (brown bread please!). I decided that was dinner, since it was pretty heavy.

However, once the Scientist landed up, and as we were taxing home, he asked about dinner outside. I declined saying I had already eaten. See I am trying to stay focused. Pizza then? Maami is not there too! Oopsie. Temptation begins. Ok. I’ve had dinner, so just order for yourself I told him. What was supposed be a single medium sized pizza turned into a medium pizza + garlic bread+ pepsi because there was a deal. Gosh! The deceitful ways of these junk food selling people. How attractive they make it all seem!

Anyway, fast forward and soon the pizza was at the door step. I had a small size of pizza then a bite of the garlic bread and some gulps of pepsi because, oh my!  that food made me nauseous! Yes it did. And I’m not saying it merely because its sour grapes. But that pizza yesterday made me feel nauseous and my stomach queasy. When I woke up in the middle of the night for Chittu’s milk, I eyed the box of candy lying the fridge. Candy from Germany! I told the Scientist to take it away from my eyesight, because I have no control over chocolate. And so I ate four bite sized pieces of the yummy candy from germany, in the middle of the night! Now that habit of mine, is a terrible one, because once I start its pretty hard to stop and I had kind of stopped that horrid habit!

Anyway, the point of this is that I don’t know why I ate all that yesterday. I ate it because it was just there in front of my eyes. Not because I craved chocolate or pizza or pepsi. Now that’s not a good thing, is that?

I did not however hurt myself this morning. I began with a sweaty cardio work out and a wholesome nutritious breakfast. I will try to keep food light today and up the water intake. I will step on the scale a bit later and hopefully will not  go back to eating mindlessly like that!

How to handle temptation? I really need help there!

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