Monday, May 21, 2012

Another weekend out of home and old memories and weight loss!

Remember, I said wedding bells were ringing? So this was the weekend of engagement shopping for the bride-to-be. We promptly packed our bags and carried a feverish Chittu on the train to Chennai. Tatkal tickets made a budget travel possible, and the little guy was mighty excited about the train and engine. Only, the Scientist had to keep the toddler on his lap all night and managed to catch only a few winks of precious sleep.

Once we reached Chennai, both the Scientist and I crashed out once again, leaving the toddler to have fun with the grandparents! We then headed out for purchases in the sweltering heat of Chennai, and satiating the little shopping bug that had arisen in me. I was able to finally check out stores that I had always wanted to, in the name shopping for the new bride!

The engagement ring was bought, the saree was chosen and a some great conversation was exchanged over lunch. I was wary of calorie overload, and tried to stick to eating only at meal times, and not snack on nonsense in between. Dessert was skipped but more good news trickled in from a cousin who just had a baby boy! We were the first to visit the pink bundle of cuteness and it totally made our day! Sometimes, I get all emotional thinking of how as cousins we used to play under the mango and neem trees in my grandfather's house. My grandfather is no more now, but all of us cousins have grown up, begun to work, got married and have made our babies. Sigh! Time!

Sunday, I decided to head back to Bangalore, leaving the Scientist and Chittu back in Chennai to complete some personal work there. The bus journey alone gave me thinking time, and I was surprised at how I did not feel like sipping a cold coca-cola nad munching lays chips to beat the heat and solitary boredom! May be I am evolving into a healthy eater. I reached home rather tired and stuffy nosed, carrying the virus that Chittu had sufferd from all of last week.

I stepped on the weighing scale to see 77.2 this morning. I could not believe my eyes. so I stepped off and then on again. It still read 77.2. I hope putting this up here does not jinx my weight loss yet again, so I go back to seeing 79 point something tomorrow. Maybe my cutting the snack habit and not eating out is helping along with cutting back on refined carbs. My fingers are crossed that the downward trend is sustained and I don't go back to maintaining mode. I began Monday morning morning with a soup to soothe my sore throat and some warm brown bread. I shall go back to working out from tomorrow.

As you can see, I had a near perfect weekend. How was yours?

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