Saturday, June 30, 2012

Terrible , Terrible June.

I mustered the guts to come back here again. Sorry for the absence and unkept promises. Sorry to myself, for my utter disregard to the goals I set so willingly. For how badly I let myself down each time.

I was on track with food and exercise for most of the time, until Wednesday morning. My new weighing scale arrived on Tuesay night, and I was mighty excited to get on it and find out if i had lost. I was feeling stick thin ( though far from true) and thought I must have atleast lost a couple of kilos. But what did I see? I saw 78! Honestly, my eyes welled up with tears!

I threw my hands up in the air, went for a morning run and have been eating irresponsibly since then! Of course even before that my food diary was not updated, which might be the most  probable reason I was under the terrible impression that I was eating right, but was actually not. Sigh!

Right now, I cannot figure out why I mess up? Why do I love food so much? So much that even though I wake up every single morning and aim to lose weight, I still eat kebabs and ice cream at the end of day? I feel terrible. 

June goals have been trashed! Total failure. I will post a weigh in tomorrow morning and I hope I will not touch the 80 once again! Recommtting for July, though:

1. Continue my running groove. Meversusfat, do you hear my shout? I am thinking of the the 10k of the Kaveri Trail Marathon. What say? Running does not hurt my knees any more. So goody!

2. Yes weight loss. Once again. Shall we aim for the 74 mark? I say yes.

3. Food. Food. Food. I shall adopt draconian plans. And not eat anything except carrots and cucumbers all of July. Most surely, I am kidding!

I also have some exciting plans up my sleeve and hoped I will be in hourglass shape by then! But well, guess I got the timing a wee bit wrong. Never mind. The plans are still exciting.

I am back home, so I shall get my butt moving, baby!

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  1. Sugar! fistly ,love you for your struggle and all those kilos you have lost!Here is one girl who remembers shiva and sugar the moment she sees fatty foods.
    Kebabs!!we all love them hunny... here is a tip....If you really crave them,try to grill em,or cook on a stove top with drops of oil....
    simple veg kabab....100gms each of carrot,capsicum,peas,cauliflower,beans.(whatever u like n whatever you have in hand!)mince all of them,try to squeeze out any liquid they leave after mincing(add a a tablespoon of grated paneer to make it royal!!)....a small piece of grated ginger and 2 flakes of grated garlic.If you have gingergarlic paste,take half a teaspoon of that ,to save the grating chore!put it into the grated veggies bowl.add salt,pepper powder,amchoor powder( a small pinch).mix this add ,either a slice of bread nicely crumbled ,or a small boiled n mashed potato. mix well again. keep a tawa on medium flame,drop little drops of oil on it and rub all over the pan with a tissue paper.( as we do while making dosas.)make small and flat patties and fry them! they kind burn a little..very little..but give you a wonderfull flavour! try girl! low fat n yumm....All the best with that little amount you need to loose!


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