Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi from chennai - part 2

With tomorrow it's going to be a week here in chennai, where it's so hot that it's impossible for the toddler to sleep without the air conditioning!quick bullet highlights: Exercise is going pretty good. Got two runs last week and did about 3.5 Kim's this morning plus a whole lot of walking! Food is pretty good and snacking is almost non existent. Only small amounts of rice creep into my dinner plate! My weighing scale has not yet arrived! So not been able to weigh in yet! I should not have gained for sure! I am very hard pressed for time though! Will update when I can! Till then, bye!


  1. Good going!!! You know even I have manegd to lose 1.8 kgs, Yay!! :)

  2. Great Sugar :-)
    Wishing luck for ur weigh-in..!!:-)


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