Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An ambitious work out plan

hey guys!

So you know what is the effect of losing weight through such controlled eating on me? I think I have pretty bad stomach ulcer. Of late I have been back to feeling like a bloated balloon. 

So I have come up with a plan to allow slightly more liberal eating rules. I decided I will try to step up my work outs a bit since I am going to increase my food intake a bit. I am going to atlleast this month revert to eating my staple - rice :) Small portions but still,  I need to soothe my sore stomach.

So here is my highly ambitious work out plan for the month. I shall update as we go by:

Week Sunday  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 
1/7 -7/7 6k     4k              30 min walk with toddler + 50 mins cardio at gym     40 mins gym cardio+ dance class      spinning class walk 
8/7 - 14/7 6k  + dance class    6k 4k               30 min walk + body combat      4k run+ dance class      5k run + cross fit walk+body pump 
15/7 - 21/7  dance class    6k+ evening walk carrying toddlerrest day               30 min walk + 40 mins gym cardio 5k run+ dance class      cross fit
30 mins elliptical
22/7 - 28/7 6k  + dance class    hatha yoga 4k               30 min walk + body combat      6k run+ dance class      cross fit walk 
29/7 - 31/7 6k  + dance class    hatha yoga 4k              

Thats all I have time for today. Going to hit the bed so that I can wake up in time for my morning walk.


  1. hey sounds great! all the best!

  2. Good luck and I love the optimisim with which you strike back, you motivate me, seriously.

    I am sure you will hit your desired weight very soon :)

    1. thanks you girl.Hmm desired weight, feels like a long long way away!

  3. Wonderful to see u running , secretly for a runner the joy is to motivate and create more runners.
    College has begun so u will be seeing again college days posts.

  4. Great to see u running. Between college has started so dearth of time and definitely more college posts soon.

    1. thanks Abhinav :) good to know and looking forward to college posts :)


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