Friday, July 6, 2012

Just a very Chatty Post

Man there are a lot of weight loss bloggers from India now. When I began to blog about my weight loss journey, most of the blogs I came across were by Americans. See, my list ofInspiring weight loss bloggers just got longer!

In other news, I have been put on a month long medication to soothe my stomach ulcers and the related gastritis :) Hurrah for me. Hopefully that should resolve the issue. When I was explaining my weight loss journey to the doc yesterday, he sounded so impressed. It felt good.

Yes it feels awesome to know and announce to the world that I have lost 23 kilos. But the fact that I need to lose a whole lot more to get to an acceptable weight cannot be denied. Right now, I want to get rid of 10 kilos to reach the magical 67kg. After this much loss, its mighty hard. The fat deposits refuse to be evicted from what they consider their lawful home.

As you might see from my ambitious exercise plan, I am trying to fit in two exercise sessions a day to push weight loss a bit and rev up my metabolism. I have begun to run too. Yayy! I can cruise through a 4k and that feels fabulous after the dual fracture. I have also begun to attend bharatanatyam classes. Bharatanatyam is my passion, and I am glad that I have resumed classes. I have a life goal relating to bharatanatyam, which will hopefully frutify so that I can blog about it.

Other than the acidity and gastritis, I feel good, light, active and strong. Also since I have upped caloric intake, my energy levels are good. There used to be a time I'd be falling asleep at my desk at work, becasue I was not eating properly. Rice has appeared on my plate again and while I'm loving it, I must take extra care not to take an extra serving!

While all things seem to be going good, I wish the weight will go like that too. I remember staying stuck at 82.7 for a very long time and now its 77.5. I wish I can get to the below 75 mark by the end of this month. I have some interesting plans up my sleeve.

Sorry, the title warned you that this is a chatty post. I just felt like it today.Hope you did not mind.

And oh, Happy Friday everybody!


  1. Dear Sugar,

    Nice to read about your updates and all the best for hitting your target. 23 kilos down, wow, good show girl.

    Have a great day ahead.




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