Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stress, lately!

It's the middle of the week and I don't remember being this stressed out in a long time. I have guests at home, lots personal paperwork to be done, high pressure at office and no Scientist to share the burden with me. Time difference with the Scientist just complicates matters and we have to spend quite a bit of time on the phone to figure a lot of things out! I find it hard to balance time allotted to office work, personal work including the perpetual need for grocery shopping and quality mommy-baby time!

I have still been trying to keep up exercising atleast once a day, as against the ambitious work out plan I drew up trying to include an additional workout to speed up weight loss and compensate for the additional calories I am consuming, thanks to a very severe version of gastritis that I have developed! Speaking of that I have been having severe stomach pains along with the gas issues. I am finding it hard to figure out what to do to soothe my system and balancing it out with keeping the calories low, is just not working out. As a result my weight continues to hover in the 77s touching 78 sometimes.

The stress may be worsening my ulcers/gastritis. And this morning at the gym, I really was glad to have my alone time. At the going rate, I think I must only hope that I dont end up gaining weight and resort to mid night stress eating. I have absolutely no other perky updates.

Thanks to those of you who stopped by to leave me some good wishes! I am in need of a lot more luck and will break the suspense on the reason therefor sometime next week, when hopefully, many things will become a bit more clear.

Until then, yours truly, from murky waters!


  1. Try changing your doctor?

    Take care and things will surely turn up :)

    Vaise why don't u focus on 1st curing the gastritis probme first and then resume the weight loss? It will ease of your tension and you will feel better in spirits! Try thinking about it!

    1. ahh yes, the doctore! would you believe me if i say I have not found the time to go?

  2. Dear Sugar,

    I think you have adopted the sensible approach here - to think only of weight maintenance during this period rather than give yourself the additional burden of worrying about weight loss on top of everything you have to stress about.

    Hang in there. My prayers and good wishes are with you:-)

  3. hey sugar, from what i know of you, you are a fighter, u will get through this. also i agree with others, focus on getting better rather than weight loss for the time being!

    best wishes and loads of luck

    1. your comments always make me feel on top of the world! thanks for that and the wishes!

      yes i must find a cure soon!


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