Friday, August 3, 2012

Blogging from Amreekka! -Part 1

Yea baby!!!

After what felt like the longest and most dreary travel I have EVER encountered, Chittu and I reached Los Angeles airport to be reunited with the Scientist. We were both severely jet lagged after roughly a total delay of 7 hours - about 3 hours at Mumbai and 4 hours at Newark, New Jersey. By the time we reached home, I was nursing a sore throat and running a fever, falling asleep standing up and dying for a hot shower.

So, I quickly showered, got the little fellow fresh and fell asleep while calculating the total length of our flying time! The Scientist took the task of announcing to family that the both of us had reached, safe and sound, and Chittu refused to let go of his Dad. Very cute.

I was craving for a home cooked meal, and readily agreed to the Scientists offer of eating plain rice with yogurt and pickle. Bliss, I tell ya!

Breakfast today was a slice of buttered brown bread  with strawberry yogurt for the little guy, while I made myself a sanwich with tomatoes, baby spinach and hummus and proceeded to finish of the yummy yogurt. While the Scientist has already headed to work, I will be a stay at home mom for this month :)

The little guy is watching "Tangled" on the ipad as I type this out. I shall cook lunch soon - cauliflower subzi and dal is what I plan. And we shall generally chill in the apartment!

So updates will follow, and I hope I will be able to keep up with the healthy eating :) even though I ate total trash on the flight!


  1. Good to see an update from you :)

    Enjoy the l'lle break :)

    That flight with a kid in tow must have been verrry tiring!

  2. Hi Sugar..Welcome to US...Anyplans to come to the midwest area?
    Keep posting....


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