Monday, July 30, 2012

Some awesome-ly fun news from me!

Now that my passport is stamped and the tickets are booked, I am going to cross all my fingers and my toes and touch the hardest piece of wood in my house and say this:

I am going to the US on a month long vacation. I am going to fly out from Bangalore to Mumbai early wednesday evening and will take a late night flight from there to the USA.

Ahhh Finally. Its hard to keep a secret from my blog :)
As you can tell from the tone of this post, I am excited. I have never been to another country before, and am totally looking forward! And what better way than to coincide with my birthday! My 28th birthday, dearies!

Obviously, I shall endeavour to atleast not gain weight over the following month although I am totally planning to enjoy cup cakes, american pizza and fro-yo! I am also planning to exercise and run and generally be very active. But plans can always be grand? Yes?

This was the reason that was giving me a lot of stress, as I managed to get the visa only on my second interview. I was predictably nervous and anxious and that was possibly leading my stomach to produce Hydrochloric acid by the gallon!

Oh yes, if there is anyone out there willing to meet me, I am going to be in California and also in New York for a short time! So any of my secret fans in that part of world???? Do let me know and I will be more than willing to meet up and be pompous about my weight loss journey this far! That apart, just in case the said fan is not Indian, I will also be kind enough to discuss the elephants and camels of my country!

Yes, I am hoping to be able to update this blog regularly, just to ensure that little voice of weight loss in my head stays alive!


  1. wonderful news Sugar! Have a relaxing (and healthy I might add) vacation. I wish you walks in central park, NYC:-) This being summer, it is a good time to visit exercise-wise also.

  2. wow!!! That is a great news re :)

    Have fun, enjoy loads and do not stress much about eating, this is the time to enjoy :)

  3. Aww ..girl!! That is great to know! Have an awesome vacation!!

  4. Wow! N-Y-C!! Lucky you Sugar! Congrats!! And hav loaaaaadddddddddddssssssssssss of fun! Enjoy :-)

  5. Great news girlie. Have a blast in US.


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